Juniors is a restaurant located in New Orleans’ lively, family-friendly Lakeview neighborhood. The restaurant owners approached CICADA for renovation help, with the goal of positioning Juniors as a “strangely familiar neighborhood joint.” The main level of dining was designed to be family-friendly, with a more exclusive dining room and bar upstairs for adults. The owner was looking for broad strokes that would lighten up the existing space and make it more approachable, yet elevated.

The key to the downstairs interior was to maintain a level of airiness within the space. The back bar was updated with steel and oak shelving to bring warmth to the space. Durable epoxy flooring was used for the downstairs floor. Oak banquet booths lined with teal fabric make up the majority of the perimeter seating, while globe sconces and pendants set the mood. CICADA collaborated with Luna Botanicals to incorporate biofilia, with the goal of softening the space and bringing the outdoors in. The intention with the interior design in the upstairs dining room and bar was to infuse the space with intimacy. Rich fabric lines the walls above warm oak flooring. The bar is made of walnut, with brass foot bar accents. A masculine wallcovering drives home the friendly, festive mood.

Project Team:

// Architect: CICADA

// General Contractor: Lanco Construction Inc

// Photography: Augusta Sagnelli

Press: Eater // Louisiana Lifestyle Magazine // Gambit


Juniors, a restaurant in New Orleans’ Lakeview neighborhood, wanted to position themselves as “a strangely familiar neighborhood joint.” Under CICADA’s architectural guidance, the 2-story building was re-envisioned, with the main level of dining designed to be family-friendly and an intimate, exclusive dining room and bar upstairs for adults.

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A space infused with intimacy and