• Date
    January 2020
  • Status
    Under Construction
  • Location
    New Orleans, LA
  • Size
    38,000 sf
  • Categories
  • Service
  • Team members
    Seamus McGuire
    Matt Decotiis
    Dyani Robarge

Home of the world-renowned haberdashery, Rubensteins clothing store is housed within six historic buildings on the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Canal Street in New Orleans. The Rubensteins brothers and local developer MCC hired CICADA to provide project programming and overall design vision. The goal of the project is to turn the six historic structures into a mixed-use boutique hotel, with careful attention paid to restoring existing buildings while modernizing and reimagining the interior spaces as a 38-room hotel with a bar and public lobby on the ground floor. Due to the complex nature of combining six separate historic buildings with varying floor plates into one seamless hotel experience, CICADA kicked off the design process by 3D scanning the series of buildings, developing an accurate 3D model of the building’s structure, layout, and historic elements. The model was used to develop a minimally invasive solution for carving a lightwell into the center of the building without significantly impacting the existing structure, for which CICADA performed a number of solar and analysis studies in order to maximize the lightwell’s size and orientation. In February of 2020, construction began on phase one, which included a full redesign of the Rubensteins store, office, and tailor shop, and demolition for the hotel.

Project Team:

// Architect: CICADA

// General Contractor: Trison Construction LLC

// Interiors: Lauren Bombet Interiors

Press: The New Orleans Advocate


The Rubensteins Hotel re-envisions six historic buildings on the corner of New Orleans’ St. Charles Avenue and Canal Street as a 38-room, mixed-use boutique hotel and bar. With careful attention given to restoring existing buildings while modernizing and reimagining interior spaces, CICADA meticulously documented the historical qualities of the building, allowing them to efficiently plan the boutique hotel, while strategically incorporating a lightwell in the center of the building to enhance the environmental quality of the interior spaces through the use of natural light.

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